You probably know that Nobel is the “parent” of NobelCom, Enjoy Prepaid, NobelTalk and a few other calling services. But how much do you truly know about it? » Read more: How much do you know about Nobel?

Did you know recharging someone’s prepaid number is as easy as 1-2-3? And that’s exactly how many steps it takes to do it from the comfort of your own home, on the NobelCom website.  

As much as we’d love to give a straight answer to that question, there isn’t a correct one. The best international calling card depends on your needs and calling habits. However, we’ll do our best to present you with some guidelines to take into consideration when choosing the international calling product of your dreams.

You have been using our international calling services for quite some time. But did you know we also have an app for your calling needs? We designed NobelApp to match your wants and needs and these are its top 5 advantages.

Do you live outside of Liberia, but still have loved ones there? Have you been sending them money? Did you know you could do so much more than that? With 22 years of experience servicing global citizens like you, Nobel developed a portfolio of products designed specifically for your home country.

With the Nobel One Dialer app, connecting your international Nobel One calls is now faster and easier! Simply select the access number and the destination number from your phone Contacts and you are connected! English and Spanish access numbers are available & No internet connection is required!

Do you have friends or relatives abroad that you want to keep in touch with? Have you considered using a virtual phone card for your international calls? It might be the perfect solution for your calling needs whether you study abroad, work abroad or simply travel the world and want to stay connected to people
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What better way to get into the end of the year holiday mood than visiting a Christmas market? You get to taste some delicious holiday treats, catch up on your presents buying and generally enjoy the magical atmosphere with decorations and carols. Christmas markets are also a great pretext to visit a foreign country and
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Year after year, we celebrate Halloween with costume parties, trick-or-treating and spooky decorations around the house, but did you ever wonder where all this comes from and how Halloween started in the first place? How it all started It is believed that the origins of Halloween can be found in the pre-Christian Celtic festival of
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If you struggle with dialing all those digits every time you make an international call, PINless dialing is the solution for your problems. Once you try out this easy to use feature you will never want to go back to normal dialing. You save time and connect faster with your loved ones abroad!


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